Vollrath 59744 10 oz. Pre-Seasoned Mini Cast Iron Oval Dutch Oven


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Serve your signature dishes in a classic, rustic style with this Vollrath 59744 10 oz. pre-seasoned mini cast iron oval dutch oven! This dutch oven’s versatile size is perfect for cooking and serving individual portions of stews, sides, and desserts. Its durable, cast iron construction allows you to use this piece time and time again, making it a long lasting addition to any kitchen. It also distributes heat evenly and prevents hot spots to ensure your food will be cooked to perfection, keeping your customers happy and wanting more! Since this dutch oven comes pre-seasoned, it offers protection from rust and provides a natural, easy-release finish that allows immediate use without the hassle or worry of food sticking to the surface. The pre-seasoned coating improves with use, helping to limit the amount of excess butters and oils needed in your cooking, promoting healthier and more flavorful dishes.

This mini cast dutch oven comes with a lid, eliminating unnecessary messes and clean up, while helping keep your dish warm and ready for your customer to enjoy. Additionally, this dutch oven is great for buffet setups as a pre-portioned, easy-to-grab item, helping to promote efficiency in keeping your buffet line moving and sanitation with patrons only handling their individualized portion. Not only does this piece allow you to enhance your presentation, it also promotes portion control and consistency in your restaurant, helping you to save! This dutch oven can be used on induction, electric, and gas cooktops as well as in an oven or on a grill, making it a staple in your kitchen with endless possibilities for creating and preparing your best dishes! Whether you are looking for a trendy update to your presentation or a more efficient way to prepare your dishes, this Vollrath dutch oven is the perfect addition to any kitchen!


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